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Guitar #108 details

Owner: Robert : robwbbrown (at) hotmail.com
Date stolen 01-11-2006
City/State/Zip Boulder CO, 80302
Guitar specs
Year: 1997
Brand: Ibanez
Model: RG550LTDPT
Color: Platinum
Type: Guitar
Style: unknown
Orientation: Right
Strings: 6
Fretboard: 24
Serial # IB??????
Proof of ownership? Yes, I have documented proof of my ownership of this stolen guitar.
Reward $400
Description Basically I sent an Ibanez RG550 guitar back to home address in the UK. I bought it back there in 1997, and lived 3 years in Boulder, where I had it with me, but when I returned I sent it by USPS mail from Boulder. The packaging arrived empty. Most likely it was stolen by USPS workers in Boulder or the Denver depot, because they put them in wheeled trolleys which then go in containers to be shipped. Once inside a container they can't go anywhere until they arrive at the depot in the UK. It might have been stolen in the UK, but another box was damaged and missing contents, and there was a note from the Denver depot saying that this had happened there. It's described as platinum color - which just means its shiny metallic looking. It has a CD style scratch plate - you know that does the prism of colors when reflecting light. The whammy bar is a lo pro edge and there is a chip on the paint on edge of the body near the guitar lead input which I got when I caught the metal edge of my guitar case when I was putting it in. The chip is a rice grain shape, but a little bit bigger in size. I should get insurance money for the guitar, but not up to full value. However if somebody finds it then you can have the money. The guitar picture is from the catalogue with specs. I can't find the serial number right now. Let me know if you find it - it could be in Colorado still.
Case Description Ibanez black plastic case. Rectangular with ibanez written as an indentation pressed into the solid plastic. Inside it has black furry lining (I don't know the material). My guitar isn't an exact shape for the case. the case also contained a tuner and a glass slide. The instructions if present may even indicate that it was bought at Guitar Mania on Ashley road in Poole, Dorset in the UK.

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