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About stolenguitarregistry.com

My name is Bryan. I am a sysadmin, database programmer, and all-around web geek.

I own and run stolenbicycleregistry.com, which has enjoyed a lot of success, and returned a lot of bikes!

My brother, who is the front man for Chicago-based rockers The Cells, took one look at stolenbicycleregistry.com and said "Man, you have to do this for guitars, too." He's had something like six different guitars stolen over the last ten years.

So I hacked together a modern, searchable database for stolen guitars. This is it. This is not the only stolen guitar database on the web, but I believe it is the only one offering some of the search and listing capabilities I have hacked into the SGR. I hope you like it.

( I also run a handful of other online efforts - some are travel related - Puerto-Penasco.com, for example - but most are geeky technical sites like openradiodirectory.org and www.radioactivity.fm. )


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