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Register to run full serial numbers

Filling out this form will allow you to see and search full serial numbers. This is a free feature and is recommended for:

  • guitar shops or resellers
  • guitar enthuiasts
  • law enforcement employees

    ... and anybody else who comes into contact with a lot of guitars.

  • Why register? We prefer people searching full serial numbers register with us in case one of the serial numbers they are looking for turns up stolen. When this happens, we'll have an idea who found the guitar in order to put them in touch with the owner. That, and we'll know they aren't the ones who stole the guitar, if they've already registered.

    Items marked with a (* ) are optional.

    Your first name
    Last name
    Your email
    City, State, ZIP
    (*) Phone #
    (*) Phone 2?
    About you: I am registering as an individual.
    I am registering because I work for a guitar shop or other reseller of guitars.
    I am registering because I work in law enforcement.

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