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Register your stolen guitar

Filling out this information will register you - and your guitar - into our database.

If you are wary about filling out forms, please see our privacy policy. In short, we won't show your contact info unless you specify, and we won't resell or retrade any of your information - the only thing we're going to do with your info is use it to notify you if someone 'finds' your guitar by running its serial number.

Once you've filled out this form, you will be emailed a password in case you'd like to come back and change your guitar's info.

Items marked with a (* ) are optional.

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Disclosure settings You can choose how much of your personal info you want to appear in your listing. If you hide your email address, people can still email you anonymously via our web form - they just won't ever see your email address.
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Tell us about your stolen guitar

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(*) guitar specs
All of these fields are optional, but the more info you supply, the easier it will be to ID your guitar.
Type: Guitar
Style: Electric
Orientation: left handed
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# strings:
Proof of ownership? Yes, I have documented proof of my ownership of this stolen guitar.
(*) Description List any notable marks, blemishes or modifications - scratches, cracks, dings, decals, custom paint, after-market bridge, pickups, knobs, pick guards,etc.

(*) Case Description
(*) Reward (in USD)
(*) Photo? We accept photos of your guitar, up to 50k in size.

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